Ophiuchi is a band from Pretoria, South Africa (currently Utrecht area, Netherlands). Its membership consists of one anatomically-modern human male.

By cleverly exploiting a variety of prehensile appendages, Ophiuchi arranges the sonics found in doom, sludge, black metal and folk music into a classically-derived, movement-based format.

Influences include Portal, Blut Aus Nord, Tool, King Crimson and Yob.

A debut LP, titled Bifurcaria Bifurcata, was released digitally on April 10th, 2017. January 15th, 2018 saw a limited 12" vinyl pressing of a dedicated vinyl master.


Regrettably, we no longer ship vinyls to South Africa[1]. Bandcamp does not allow specific countries to be disqualified for shipping, hence the hefty $200 price tag, which is the maximum allowed shipping price for any physically shipped item.[2].
[1]The only affordable shipping option to SA requires the cooperation of the fully mummified corpse of the local postal service.
[2]If you really, truly feel that you will die an unfulfilled mammalian biped by not owning this album on vinyl... $200 is enough to send over the album with DHL priority. Note that you're still going to wait a month for customs to finish picking their noses.

Order your 12" vinyl copy of Bifurcaria Bifurcata over at the bandcamp page.

Vinyl release date confirmation: January 15th, 2018.

Pending a last few loose ends[1], the first vinyl pressing of Bifurcaria Bifurcata will go on sale end of December 2017. A digital download[2] in a flavour of your preference will accompany each vinyl purchase.
[1] Last QA checks, reassignment of non-critical staff to the Magadanskaya Oblast with new identities following extensive electroshock treatment etc.
[2] Available immediately upon vinyl purchase. The download differs from the stock digital release - its source is the vinyl master and has more dynamic range. A needle drop of a vinyl release (assuming a dedicated vinyl master) often sound better than the corresponding CD or digital release, since the medium is less forgiving towards a lack of dynamic range. Compare this to the oft-brickwalled sound of the average CD/digital release. This particular problem is due to the terrible crimes that labels, some mixing engineers, musicians and radio playlist selection cartels force mastering engineers to commit with the final 2bus print's dynamic range. Luckily, physics does not care about marketing personnel. Perhaps you might not hear any differences[3], but the vinyl's accompanying download is the absolute best version that you could possibly hope to hear of this album.[4]
[3] Apart from a slightly more open sound, the discerning listener might notice less ear fatigue upon extended listens.
[4] Barring the actual 96kHz master itself, of course.

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Bifurcaria Bifurcata [LP]
Release date: April 10th, 2017
Format: Digital - April 10th, 2017. Vinyl - latter half 2017

Track listing
1. [00:00 - 10:51] Vestibule
2. [10:52 - 25:57] Bifurcaria Bifurcata
3. [25:58 - 29:54] Heliopause
4. [29:55 - 40:11] Obol

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